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Keys Construction Inc is located in Marlette, MI and was founded in 2008 based on the idea of giving the customer what they deserve. So what does the customer deserve? Now that is a loaded question isn't it, because you can come at that question from a variety of angles and perspectives.


In our eyes the customer deserves a contractor who communicates with them effectively and in a timely manner. Too many contractors don't call you back when they say they will or more importantly they don't show up to the job when they say they will.  We don't make that mistake, we will call you back and we will show up. If we can't make it to the job at the scheduled time, we will call and let you know. It is a simple concept but one that many businesses struggle with. A customer should not be left wondering if "my guy" or the contractor is going to show up today or not.


We also believe that customers deserve quality work with a quality product. Our work is our brand and we take pride in it. When we get done with a job we want it to be done right and so should you. We want you to be extremely happy with our work that you will show it off to your friends and family and recommend us to them. If you have any questions please call us today at 989-635-7066 or e-mail info@keysconstructioninc.com. The forms of payment we accept are checks, cash & all major credit cards.

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